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Majolica is tin glazed earthenware introduced into Europe from Moorish Spain by way of the Island Majorca and produced in Italy from the 14th century. 

The Italians raised this form of ceramics to the high ranks of the fine arts. 

My work is wheel thrown, hand painted, thrice fired with 22ct gold lustre. 

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View my majolica cups

For majolica, I use a fine white porcelaineous clay with a white zircon glaze then painted with ceramic colours. 

I fire to 1220° C and apply 22ct gold lustre before a third firing to 750° C. 

Much of my majolica is inspired by Australian wildflowers, with a 'Prestonesque' technique, although I also enjoy painting abstract designs.

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View my raku works

Raku is a Japanese pottery style with roots in the development of the 'tea ceremony' about 400 years ago. It is also the title of the 16th generation Raku Family which still produces pottery in Kyoto today. Raku is a low-fired, glazed pottery. When red-hot, pieces are removed with tongs and placed in a metal container usually with sawdust or paper to catch carbon which is infused into the body. 

This is a quick, spontaneous way of firing with unpredictable results (risks as the quick thermal shock can crack some work). 

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These pieces are handbuilt using coils and slabs of a versatile and groggy clay called BRT. 

When highly fired, iron spots come to the surface and glisten in the sun. 

They are fired to about 1280° C making them vitreous and almost waterproof and therefore suitable for outdoors display. 

Each piece takes about three weeks for the process of making, drying and firing. 


Prices  and   Ordering
The prices below are only a guide as the cost variations may depend on the amount of time, work and lustre (24 carat gold)  used on any particular  piece.  All prices are in Australian dollars:
Large platters:  
 - 36 x 42 cms in diameter
 - 25 - 35 cms tall
$80 - $150
Medium vases
$70 - $100
Cornucopia fruit bowls
$190 - $350
Small -medium bowls,jugs containers 
$45 - $150
Coffee/tea pots
$90 - $150
Postage, handling, deposit (down payment) and any other information can be discussed when ordering:
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