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Monika Leone - Ceramic Artist


About my work

I am a Canberra ceramic artist working in decorative and functional majolica ware. My pieces can be found in galleries in Canberra, Sydney Cairns and Albury and in private collections.

Before graduating from the Australian National University’s School of Art I lived in Europe, the Middle East and Asia which have all influenced my work.

Living in Rome for a number of years, I was always attracted to the local folk pottery which was usually quite painterly and decorative.

At the same time I started drawing informally with a friend.  We spent many evenings drawing and painting (as well as drinking and smoking as one did in the 70s).

During stints in Egypt and Indonesia, I did the odd art class, but it was not until 1990 that I finally formalised my study at the ANU, graduating in ceramics in 1995. I had found my medium.

My current work allows me to explore colour and surface decoration . I suppose that is why I was almost subconsciously attracted to the Renaissance, Baroque/Rococo styles. I take basic motifs, particularly the swirls, prunts and the lustre effects and use them in a semi-abstracted personal style. I love the idea of using colourful and lively functional ware and have therefore chosen these forms as vessels to decorate.


Since graduating from the Canberra School of Art in 1994 I have been working regularly on my ceramics, many of which are in collections locally, interstate and overseas.

August 2004 - Present - Permanent at my own new gallery Mawson Gallery

October 1999 - July 2004 - Permanent exhibition at my own studio gallery Cuppalot

September 1999 -  Held an exhibition of my work at Yarralumla Gallery, Weston Park and won an award for decorative technique at ACt Potters' Society Annual Exhibition.

December 1998 - published an article in "Potter in Australia" magazine, vol 37, pages 26 and 27.

September 1998 - Held an exhibition of my work at Yarralumla Gallery, Weston Park.

September 1998 - Won second prize for decorative tableware (Yvonne Herzog) Award at ACT Potters' Society Annual Exhibition.

September 1997- Won first prize (Doug Alexander Award) at ACT Potters' Society Annual Exhibition.

June 1997- Participated in weekend workshop run by Scottish Potter, Archie McCall.

April 1997- Taught ceramic techniques at Girls Grammer for two semesters.

March 1996 - Attended weekend workshop run by Canadian potter, Mattias Osterman at Canberra Potters' Society.

September 1995 - Won encouragement award at ACT Potters’ Society Annual Exhibition for lustred majolica work.

August 1993 - Selected by Ceramic Dept. Director, Alan Watt, to teach senior students at the Narrabundah College, ACT. 

January 1993 - Attended two-week workshop at Brindabella Community Arts Farm conducted by Chris Haedley exploring personal narrative by inlaying coloured clays and using sawdust firing and raku firing.

September 1992 - Attended weekend workshop with Pippin Drysdale covering majolica and decorating techniques.

1992 - 1994 Studied for Associate Diploma at the ANU School of Art. Graduated in 1994.

1991 - Attended an 8 week throwing block as an outside student at the ANU School of Art
conducted by Janet De Boos.

1991- Joined ACT Potters' Society and attended weekly pottery courses. This was my first contact with ceramics.


October 2015 - Jane Crick Memorial Award for Hand-building

November 2003 - Merit Award - Raglan Gallery, Cooma NSW

September 1999 - Award for decorative technique at ACT Potters' Society Annual Exhibition.

September 1998 - Award for decorative tableware (Yvonne Herzog Award) at ACT Potters' Society Annual Exhibition.

September 1997- First prize (Doug Alexander Award) at ACT Potters' Society Annual Exhibition.

September 1995 - Encouragement award at ACT Potters’ Society Annual Exhibition for lustred majolica work.

Some media coverage of my work
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Canberra ceramic artist, Monika Leone's recent Floriade exhibition at the Yarralumla Gallery in Canberra, blended the influences of her life in Tuscany, Egypt and Indonesia with the leafy, sunny suburbia of our National Capital.

Monika makes her mark as a potter
The Canberra region's top ceramic art award this year has gone to a Lyons potter with less than three years professional experience.

Monika Leone - a Potter with a difference
How are hypnotherapy and pottery alike? on the surface there seems to be little connection.But after viewing Monika Leone's pottery the difference is not so great.

Talented artist turns her hand to Queanbeyan
Queanbeyan's Design Plus Gallery is renowned for housing the work of some of the region's most talented artists. So it's not surprising that Monika Leone's gorgeous pottery pieces sit on the Design Plus shelves with pride.

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